SAFSS Services

Language and Skill Development (Formerly Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada - LINC)

The Language/Skills Development Program was initiated in 1992 and provides language instruction and training to adult newcomers in English to facilitate their social, cultural and economic integration into the Canadian society. It offers a Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) program from literacy level to level 6/7. Care for Newcomer Children (CNC), transportation assistance, field trips and information sessions are also offered as part of the language training program. These programs are offered at three strategic locations across Scarborough.

Other services are offered at these sites as well. In partnership with the TCDSB, ESL evening classes are offered at our Finch location. These classes serve beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We also provide language-specific parenting programs for the students after class hours in partnership with Toronto Public Health at the Finch Centre.