SAFSS Services

Violence Against Women and Children

SAFSS opened its doors in 1990 to serve primarily the victims of domestic abuse. This program offers comprehensive services to the victims of domestic violence as per their needs. The program is geared towards serving the victims of abuse and their family members with a particular focus to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The program provides counselling, legal and housing assistance, and other assistances as required by the abused women and children and coordinate with the police, court and other service providers for victim’s case management. The program also intervenes with the crisis and refers the cases to appropriate authority and service providers for fulfilling the needs of the victims and deals with trauma, stress and depression to help the victim lead an independent positive life.

Si vous désirez obtenir des services en français, prière d’appeler la ligne FEM’AIDE au 1-877-336-2433.

Violence Against Women

The Violence Against Women (VAW) brochure is available for download in PDF in the following languages:

- English
- French
- Bengali
- Urdu

The VAW brochure will be available soon in the following languages:
- Gujarati
- Punjabi
- Hindi
- Tamil
- Farsi

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