SAFSS Vision

  • SAFSS’ vision is to be a leader in community service, providing multilingual and multicultural services to the community at large.
  • Our satellite offices extend our client focused and innovative approach across the GTA.
  • We provide a full range of services to our clients and their families, and continually identify and develop new programs that address the evolving needs of our diverse, ethno-cultural community.
  • We are financially sound and stable, and able to sustain growth as well as continually strengthen our existing programs.
  • Our staff looks forward to coming to work, and is trained and developed to support their growth and the growth of the organization.


The Mission of SAFSS is “to assist, educate and empower newcomers, women, seniors, youth, children and families in their integration process to improve their health and quality of life, realize their fullest potential and become contributing members of the Canadian society”.

SAFSS Mandate: 

  • To assist, educate and empower newcomers to Canada in their settlement and integration into Canadian society and culture through settlement related services, language education, job skills training and other support services
  • To prevent women, child, youth, senior abuse, violence and other crimes in the society through education, counselling, intervention and support services
  • To advocate, increase awareness and empower the community on issues relating to women, child, youth, senior abuse, violenceand other crimes through various programs and services,educational workshops, seminars and studies and researches.
  • To promote and develop active participation of the community through peer support groups, volunteer development program and other services with a particular focus on disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

Values & Code of Ethics

At SAFSS, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our clientele; employees and to the communities we serve. Our interactions with our clientele must reflect the high standards we profess.


Top 10 Values of SAFSS:

  1. Every member in the SAFSS family (board, management and staff) honors the core value of diversity and respects all individuals.
  2. In SAFSS we believe in honesty, caring, empathy, compassion and commitment, both within and outside the organization.
  3. Core values include trustworthiness, high level of integrity and confidentiality.
  4. SAFSS is committed to operate within an anti-discrimination and anti-oppression framework.
  5. Our thoughts are reflected in our practice and all activities are transparent.
  6. SAFSS is committed to a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  7. SAFSS always encourages and rewards team spirit and teamwork.
  8. SAFSS always strives to provide highest standard of service with professionalism.
  9. SAFSS believes in strengthening the environment and thus all activities are eco-friendly.
  10. SAFSS encourages and rewards creativity of every member in the family.

Geographic Area the Organization Serves

The geographic area SAFSS serves is the whole of GTA with a particular focus on un-served and underserved neighbourhoods of Scarborough.